Russian Men
Русские мужчины

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Русские мужчины - Russian Men

If you ask what a Russian man is like, then you’ll more than likely find an answer. Probably each person has their own image of the Russian man. For one, it’s a man with a cap with ear flaps on his head, for another one it’s a man with a bottle of vodka in his hand. Let’s try to understand who he is in reality.

Probably the main feature of a Russian man is his desire to do everything from his soul. Maybe that is not even desire, just always turns out so. This feature is characteristic not only for Russian men but also for women, and expresses in many life situations.

Let’s start with the fact that Russian men sometimes are very generous. We can say with sure that average Russian man is more generous then average foreigner. It’s usually a shame for them if a woman pays for herself when he is near. For example if a guy asks girl to go out anywhere with him it's assumed that he will pay for both. So foreign men! Remember if you are asking a Russian woman on a date, be sure that you have enough money to pay for her too. Or you can’t even hope for the next date.

Who knows, maybe this feature has been kept in Russia because of slow and weak feminism development. You decide if it’s good or bad. But maybe that is why there are few gigolos in the country. Though everything changes of course.

A Russian is not used to economizing and doesn’t like doing it. He considers counting to be a shallow and unworthy thing. Moreover he doesn’t like to limit himself in anything. Russians like freedom very much. They need it as the air. This feature isn't surprising because we live in such a big country. Breadth and speciousness are the words which are always pleasant and close to Russian heart.

But we can find some minuses here. For example because of this feature lots of Russian men don’t like to take responsibility for themselves. They are afraid that they can be limited in their freedom at any moment.

Because of their love of freedom Russians don’t like to live by rules and moreover they even don’t accept them.

Now let’s go back to questions of feminism which practically went aside Russia. That is why it’s traditionally considered that a man is the main person in the family. Though in reality it often doesn't appear like that, and in spite of leadership of her husband, the wife makes the decisions. They say in Russia: “A Husband is a head and wife is a neck”. This proverb just proves the thing said before. Also in Russia it’s OK if husband gives his wages to the wife, and she manages it.

By the way, in Russia it’s assumed that husband’s wages are the basic source of income in family. That is why a career means alot in his life. But we can’t say that Russian men are very hardworking. Besides, when applying for a job men often get an advantage over women. Also there are jobs which are considered to be masculine. These are a driver, surgeon, plumber, policeman and many others.

Also it’s considered that Russian man must be capable of doing something in house. There’s even a joke. There must be a toolbox at a man’s house. And it doesn’t matter if he uses it or not.

So what do Russian men do in their free time? First like Russian women they also love communicating very much. They spend time with their friends with pleasure. They meet in a café, talk to each other and drink beer.

Also Russian men can’t live without their cars. And that doesn’t matter if he has an expensive Mercedes or an old Moskvich, they still treat their cars with great care. That is why some men spend so much time in the garage. Here they wash, repair their cars, change winter or summer tire etc. And if Russians are not ready to move to a new flat with their income rising then they change cars right with their status.

Another entertainment of Russian men is football. Practically every man supports for his favorite team. And if Russian man watches a football match then you don’t try to change the channel. Also, don’t try to talk to him because he won’t hear you anyway. And if a man watches football with his friends then don’t be surprises to hear applause and enthusiastic shouting. That just means that favorite team is winning.

Shopping is among those things which Russian men don’t like. It’s strange but lots of them consider shopping to be senseless and useless. Besides most Russian men prefer going to a shop only in the case of an emergency. Though the situation has changed lately.

Another one famous peculiarity of Russian men is the love of vodka. Really, they sometimes can drink more than normal. Besides, to be accurate with your answer if you are asked whether you drink vodka. Answer yes only in case you drink not a cocktail with it but just straight vodka. There are some situations when not to drink a little can be considered to be impolite. For example some holidays and important events. And don’t forget that you always can say no. But if you agree to drink a little with a Russian that will notably help to give him a good opinion of yourself.

These are the main peculiarities differing Russian men from others. And if you talk to them you’ll more likely find a lot of other things.

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