Prepositional Case
Russian Grammar

Russian Prepositional Case (In, At and About)

In Russian the prepositional case is used after the prepositions “о” (about), “в” (in), “на” (at).

Note: Sometimes these prepositions are used with other cases, this gives them a different meaning.

Forming the Prepositional Case

Masculine Nouns:

1. Add : “е”.
2: Some nouns (mostly single syllable) take “у” (but not after preposition “о”)

Feminine Nouns:

1. Replace “а” with “е”.
2. Replace “я” with “е”.
3. Replace “ь” with “и”.

Neuter Nouns:

1. Replace “о” with “е”
2. “е” remains unchanged.

Plurals - Russian Prepositional Case

Look at the last letter nominative singular form (dictionary form) and...
1. Replace "а", "о" or a consonant with "ах".
2. Replace the last letter with "ях"

Pronouns - Russian Prepositional Case

Мне - Me

Тебе - You

Нём - Him

Ней - Her

Нём - It

Нас - Us

Вас - You (Plural)

Них - Them

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