Question Words
Russian Vocabulary

Quenstion Words in Russian

In Russian, there are a number of words used to form questions. You should remember that when you ask a yes/no question it is formed the same was as a statement. (There is no equivalent of words "do", "are"). When you are speaking Russian you should use a rising questioning tone.

Что? - What? (Pronounced "shto")

Как? - How?

Сколько? - How many?

Кто? - Who?

Почему? - Why?

Когда? - When?

Где? - Where? (Used when you are searching for something. "Where is the bank?")

Куда? - (to) Where? (indicates motion towards something. "Where are you going?")

Откуда? - (from) Where? (indicates motion away from something. "Where are you coming from?")

Какой? (m), Какая? (f), Какое? (n) - Which? What sort of?

Чей? (m), Чья? (f), Чьё? (n), Чьи? (pl) - Whose?

Where gender is shown, the word should agree with the noun it relates to.
The word Какой declines like a stressed adjective, so it must also agree in case.
The words Что? and Кто? have different forms in different cases. Above is nominative. (others shown below)

Advanced Topics:

Different cases of Что? and Кто?

Nominative Case (subject):

   Что? - What? (Pronounced "shto")

   Кто? - Who?

Accusative Case (object):

   Что? - What?

   Кого? - Whom?

Dative Case (indirect object):

   Чему? - To What?

   Кому? - To Whom?

Genitive Case (Possession, negation):

   Чего? - What? (Pronounced "chevo")

   Кого? - Whom? (Pronounced "kavo")

Instrumental Case (by/with)

   Чем? - What?

   Кем? - Whom?

Prepositional Case (in/at/about)

   Чём - (in/about) What?.

   Ком? - (in/about) Whom?

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