Russian Numbers
Russian Language Lesson 2

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The next step in learning Russian is to learn the Russian numbers. Once you learn the Russian numbers you will find it much easier doing things like shopping, or catching a train or tram. You will be able to understand when people give you the price of something. We will start with the numbers 1-10.

Russian numbers: 1 to 10

Play1 - один     ("a-deen")

Play2 - два     ("dva")

Play3 - три     ("tree")

Play4 - четыре     ("chye-tir-ye")

Play5 - пять    ("pyat")

Play6 - шесть     ("shest")

Play7 - семь    ("syem")

Play8 - восемь     ("vo-syem")

Play9 - девять   ("dyev-yat")

Play10 -десять   ("dyes-yat")

Read through the numbers 1-10 a couple of times until you are comfortable with them. Try counting from 1 to 10 without referring to them. Then for practice, try counting backwards from 10 to 1 in Russian.

Russian numbers: 11 to 19

Now that you are comfortable with your first Russian numbers, try to learn the numbers from 11 to 19. To help you with reading practice we will not include the trans-literations.

Play11 - одиннадцать

Play12 - двенадцать

Play13 - тринадцать

Play14 - четырнадцать

Play15 - пятнадцать

Play16 - шестнадцать

Play17 - семнадцать

Play18 - восемнадцать

Play19 - девятнадцать

Russian numbers: 20 and onwards

As you could see, the numbers 11-19 are simply formed by adding "надцать" to the numbers 1-9. (You will need to drop the soft sign, or the "е" in "четыре")

20 in Russian is "двадцать". The numbers 21-29 are formed in a similar way to English. Here are some examples:

Play 20 - двадцать

21 - двадцать один

22 - двадцать два

23 - двадцать три

24 - двадцать четыре

Other compound numbers are formed in the same way, quite similar to English. (There is no need to use the word "and" in Russian). Here are the other numbers you will need to form numbers in Russia. It will be useful to learn as many of these numbers as you can because it makes it easier to understand the price of goods in Russian roubles.

Play30 - тридцать

Play40 - сорок

Play50 - пятьдесят

Play60 - шестьдесят

Play70 - семьдесят

Play80 - восемьдесят

Play90 - девяносто

Play100 - сто

Play200 - двести

Play300 - триста

Play400 - четыреста

Play500 - пятьсот

Play600 - шестьсот

Play700 - семьсот

Play800 - восемьсот

Play900 - девятьсот

Play1,000 - тысяча

Play1,000,000 - миллион

Play1,000,000,000 - миллиард

For example: 131 - сто тридцать один

When reading phone numbers you may also need to know the name of the digit 0.

Play0 - ноль


Use this video to help you learn the the numbers. Try saying each number after you hear it. Take me to YouTube.

Large Russian Numbers

Try pronouncing the numbrgba(222, 227, 231, 0.322)2, 227, 231, 0.267)ow. Then listen to the sound example to see if you are correct.










At first it may be difficult to remember all those Russian numbers. But don't worry. You can always return to this lesson to revise them. In the next lesson or two we will cover some useful Russian words and phrases that will help you to introduce yourself and to buy things.

Now you can return and try some of the exercises. You may also like to try our Russian Language Trainer to help you memorise what you have learnt in this Russian lesson.


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