Ползать / Ползти / Поползти
Russian Conjugated Verbs

Russian verbs conjugated in both aspects in present, past and future tenses.
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Ползать / Ползти / Поползти


  Imperfective (Indefinite)Imperfective (Definite)Perfective Aspect
Present Tense
   1st Person SingularПолзаю Ползу 
   2nd Person SingularПолзаешь Ползёшь 
   3rd Person SingularПолзает Ползёт 
   1st Person PluralПолзаем Ползём 
   2nd Person PluralПолзаете Ползёте 
   3rd Person PluralПолзают Ползут 
Past Tense
   MasculineПолзал Полз Пополз 
   FeminineПолзала Ползла Поползла 
   NeuterПолзало Ползло Поползло 
   PluralПолзали Ползли Поползли 
Future Tense
   1st Person SingularБуду ползать Буду ползти Поползу 
   2nd Person SingularБудешь ползать Будешь ползти Поползёшь 
   3rd Person SingularБудет ползать Будет ползти Поползёт 
   1st Person PluralБудем ползать Будем ползти Поползём 
   2nd Person PluralБудете ползать Будете ползти Поползёте 
   3rd Person PluralБудут ползать Будут ползти Поползут 
Command Form
   InformalПолзай Ползи Поползи 
   FormalПолзайте Ползите Поползите 

This verb is a verb of motion.


Змея вползла в свою нору     The snake crawled into its hole.
Маленькие дети любят ползать.     Small children like crawling.
Он будет ползать.     He will crawl.

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