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English - Russian dictionary.

A downloadable version of the English-Russian dictionary. The dictionary contains 45,921 English word entries, all with detailed Russian language definitions, with numerous sub-definitions and examples. The software clearly groups the results into different word classes, such as nouns and verbs. Explainatory definitions are all presented in English for easy understanding.

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BETA - This software is largely untested.


The programme requires Windows XP or later. It requires the .Net framework 2.0 to be installed on your computer. Alot of computers will already have this installed. If you do not have it installed the installation programme will download and install it for you. On some computers you will be taken to the Microsoft web site and asked to download and install it, you should normally use the x86 version (unless you have a 64bit version of windows).

The software is distributed as a MSI file (Microsoft installable). Run the latest windows updates if you cannot open this file. If you have troubles executing it, save it in the “c:\” folder and run it from there.


RussianDictionarySetup.msi (2363k approx)

Operating Instructions

Simply type an English word into the search box. The Russian definitions will be displayed in the right hand box. Use Ctrl-C to copy any selected text.

Online version of the English-Russian dictionary.
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