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Belgorod Oblast

Belgorod Oblast (Белгоро́дская о́бласть)

Belgorodskaya oblast, Province of Belgorod.
Belgorod Coat of Arms
Belgorod Flag

Cities and towns of the Belgorod Oblast

Belgorod Бе́лгород 353,300
Stary Oskol Ста́рый Оско́л 215,898
Gubkin Russian: Гу́бкин 86,083
Shebekino Шебе́кино 45,119
AlexeyevkaАлексе́евка 39,312
Valuyki Валуйки 35,790
Novy Oskol Новый Оско́л20,892
Stroitel Строи́тель 18,400
Biryuch Бирюч 8,079
Grayvoron Гра́йворон 6,196
Korocha Короча 6,046

Population statistics from 2002 census.

About the Belgorod Oblast.

The Belgorod oblast is located on Russia's western edge. It borders the Ukraine. It has a population of more then 1.5 million people. The administrative centre of the region is the city of Belgorod.

Belgorod means ‘White City’. It was named Belgorod because the city was rich in limestone. References to Belgorod dates back to the 1200s. The oblast was setup in 1954 with it’s administrative centre in Belgorod.

The battle of Prokhorovka, which was part of the overall battle of battle of Kursk, took place at the village of Prokhorovka. It is considered to be the largest tank battle in military history. The battle was fought by the German Wehrmacht's Fourth Panzer Army and the Red Army's 5th Guards Tank Army in 1943. Over 1000 tanks were engaged in the battle.

Belgorod Oblast - Map of Russian regions.

Administrative Divisions

Belgorod is divided into several administrative divisions.

Belgorod Oblast - Administrative Divisions

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