Gender and the accusative case
Russian Lesson 6

1. For each of the following Russian nouns, work out their gender.
a. Собака - (dog)
b. Бар - (bar)
c. Лимонад - (lemonade)
d. Пиво - (beer)
e. Вода - (water)
f. Туалет - (toilet)
g. Торт - (cake)
h. Журнал - (magazine)
i. Газета - (newpaper)
j. здание - (building)
k. радио - (radio)
l. телевизор - (television)
m. Англия - (England)
n. Письмо - (letter)
o. Паспорт - (passport)
p. виза - (visa)
q. школа (school)


1. (a) F, (b) M, (c) M, (d) N, (e) F, (f) M, (g) M, (h) M, (i) F, (j) N, (k) N, (l) M, (m) F, (n) N, (o) M, (p) F, (q) F.

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