Russian Numbers
Lesson 2 Exercises

1. Russian Video

Video - Russian Numbers.

Watch this video to help you remember the numbers. Try pronouncing the words after you hear them. Then turn the sound down and read the words aloud.

2. Counting

Count forwards in Russian from 1 to 20.

Count backwards in Russian from 20 to 1.

3. Reading Numbers

Can you recognise the following numbers when they are written in Russian

4. Phone Numbers

See if you can read out the following phone numbersin Russian:
a. 22 56 78 54
b. 79 09 34 51
c. 43 85 99 20

You may also wish to try our Russian Language Trainer to help you remember some of this lesson.


2 - 9, 6, 4, 1, 10, 12, 20, 80, 100, 15, 40
3a - двадцать два, пятьдесят шесть, семьдесят восемь, пятьдесят четыре
3b - семьдесят девять, ноль девять, тридцать четыре, пятьдесят один
3c - сорок три, восемьдесят пять, девяносто девять, двадцать

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A Comprehensive Russian Grammar - A great reference on Russian grammar.

The Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs - A great reference book of conjugated Russian verbs.

Russian Learners' Dictionary: 10,000 Russian Words in Frequency Order - A simple but powerful concept. Expand your vocabulary by learning the most used words first.