Going to the seaside
Отправляясь на море

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Отправляясь на море - Going to the seaside

When summer comes it becomes hot and in the city. There’s a wish to leave work, get a vacation and go somewhere as soon as it is possible. Of course lots of people choose going to the seaside.

First thing we usually do when planning a vacation is to choose the most suitable destination for us. Some people prefer holidays (rest) in their own country, others to the contrary will prefer a resort situated abroad. Both of the kinds of rest have their own advantages. In your country you won’t have problems connected with not knowing the language, and the surrounding. Also here you can always meet a alot of compatriots. Those Russians who want to relax in thir own territory usually go at the seaside of the Black and the Azov seas in summer. There are lots of resorts. Sochi, Anapa, Gelendgik are the most popular. And there is an opportunity to get acquainted with new cultures, to communicate with the inhabitants of other countries, to practise foreign language. Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain are very popular countries for the rest at the seaside among Russians.

If it’s hard for you to define the destination of your trip then you can get advice from a travel agent. Discuss with him your wishes for your holiday. Define if you want to go to a noisy place full of parties, or to a peaceful and quiet one. And he’ll tell you about the main advantages and disadvantages of each resort.

Also reading of reviews on the Internet can be very useful. Don’t be lazy and find out in advance something about a place you are going to. That will notably decrease your risk to spoil the rest.

It’s very important to make the right choice for a hotel. Of course there are always things you can’t take care about. But the main moments must be provided for.

In most countries hotels are divided into 5 levels. Each level has its number of stars. Five-star hotels are the most comfortable. The rooms here are very spacious. Lots of pleasant surprises are waiting there for you. As a rule everything here aims to make your rest more comfortable and unforgettable. Two-star hotels suit those who aren’t planning to spend alot of time inside the room, and for those whom comfort is not the main concern. Such hotels offer rooms at lower prices. Three-star and four-star hotels are average by living conditions.

That’s clear that contingent of people living in this or that hotel differs. For example lots of students and young couples are usually guests of 2 or 3 star hotels. And more old and solid people usually choose 4 or 5 stars.

Of course it's not only the conditions inside the room that changes depending on the hotel level but also the amount of facilities and entertainment. Cafes, restaurants, massage and cosmetic saloons, open and close pools and lots of other things can be offered to you. Often there’s animation in the hotel for its guests.

Pay attention to which line from the sea (distance from the sea) your hotel is situated . In addition, you’d better ask your travel agent how much the height and distance between the lines differ. Also compare the prices. Sometimes the difference between the levels is not so important both in comfort and in cost. The line situated closer to the sea is called the first one. Right here are usually situated the most expensive hotels.

Of course it’s more convenient to get your travel agency to book places in a hotel. But you can also do it yourself. In this case you will have to fill a special form. Here you’ll indicate your name, surname, and the length of your stay, passport number and maybe contact phone. If you register in a hotel right on the day of your arrival, then they will also ask you if you are going to pay in cash or by credit card.

Also consider if you want to have meals in a hotel, and if yes, then how often. Usually it’s offered to pay for breakfast, breakfast and supper or breakfast and dinner and supper. The system “all inclusive” works in some hotels when you can eat and drink at any time and in unlimited quantities. This choice will depend on the amount of time you are going to spend inside the hotel, on you loving diversity in cuisine of preferring constancy etc.

Define in advance which kind of transport you will use to get to the resort. In Russia they often use trains and planes. Also a lot of people go to the south by car. As a rule they visit their relatives on their way and stay at there overnight. That’s why such trips often last for several days. The least comfortable but the most economic way to travel is by bus.

After you’ve decided all the organizational matters then it’s time to pack the luggage. So as not to leave anything behind, write a list of things you need. Don’t forget to take a swimming suit, sun protecting cream and sunglasses with you. Also take a camera with so you can remember happy holiday memories by looking at the pictures you got there. Before the departure, check you have all of the documents that you need.

Also find out the weather forecast for the resort. Hopefuly it won’t spoil your plans. What's left to say? Now you can go and travel. All that left is to wish you a pleasant holiday.

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