Russian military
Русская армия

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Russian military - Русская армия

Like in many other countries there is obligatory military service in Russia. The term has been changed lately. For example it lasted 2 years in the past then now it’s only a year and a half. Besides the government is considering the possibility decreasing this term.

In Russia men are called to the army when they are 18 years old. The age when they stop doing it is 27 years. There are some reasons which can prevent a guy from getting into the army. First this is health condition. Before getting to the army each potential recruit passes medical commission which confirms his readiness to serve the country. Furthermore, right here a young man is directed to this or that army structure.

Another reason is completing higher education. But it just affords a delay from army for the time of studying. Though some universities have so called military faculties. And if a student passes it then it’s equivalent to going to the army. Also if a young man finishes postgraduate study then he is not called to the army. Besides men who have children who are younger than 3 years old are free from the service.

If a guy gets to the army then he serves at one of its divisions. In Russia there is the Military Air fleet, the Air Crew army, the Military Marine fleet, the Overland army, and the Building battalion. Service at any of these divisions has its won specifics.

Each recruit takes the oath in the army. By that he promises to protect the Native land, to keep the Constitution and its other laws and also the charter of military service.

Everyone in the army has its identification signs. They give to others some information. Shoulder straps, loop emblems and chevrons are main signs of distinction of military people in the Russian Army. It’s easy to define military rank with an amount of stars on a shoulder strap and with their size. On the right shoulder of the servant there must be a chevron with the image of Russian flag and the inscription “Russia – the Armed Forces” or “Russia – the Military Marine fleet” – if a man serves in fleet. There are special breast signs situated on the right. And on the left there is a stripe messaging the blood group and the Rhesus factor.

Soldiers live in barracks. The order of their maintenance is strictly described in the Oath of Inside Service. Actually all main moments connected to army service are in this oath.

What is a usual soldier’s day in the army like? The day regime is defined by special order. The company gets up with a command “Uprise!” Then morning gymnastics is lead. After cleaning of the rooms the company is marshaled for the morning inspection. The presence of servants and their uniform is checked at inspection.

The main occupation of soldiers in the peace time is training actions. Sport trainings are lead here. Also military servants are taught to deal with weapon. They are given different tasks which they must carry out. Sometimes military teachings are held at night. This helps to keep battle readiness for the army at any time of the day.

By the way if a commander gave an order to a subordinate then that must obligatorily carry it out. It’s strictly forbidden to discuss orders in the army.

They feed 3 times a day in the army. It must be some time for rest after each meal. For example after dinner it is not less than 30 minutes. At this time it’s forbidden to hold any training actions.

At the end of the day there is an evening walk. At the time of evening walk servants perform front songs. After that they check the staff of the company. The military goes to bed with the command “Release”.

Also there is a combat maintenance standby. At the time of the maintenance standby the military men are forbidden to leave the combat post and to distract at other things. Besides they can’t pass their duties even temporarily anyone else without the commander’s order. At the time of day maintenance standby military men are allowed to sleep for some hours. In turn of course.

On holidays military servants are allowed to go to bed an hour later than usual. They can use this time like they want. Some people watch cinema, some people just relax, and some proplr write letters. Actually soldiers always look forward to letters from home. They are practically not let off from the service that is why they miss their city, nearest and dearest alot. Besides letters is the only way for them to get news from relatives and friends.

Once a week they have a right for dismissal. But they must be back to service in the evening. The military must report about their coming to people on duty. Usually they are allowed for dismissal due to a special schedule.

It’s strictly forbidden to drink alcohol in the army. If a military man is under alcohol or drug intoxication it’s considered that he doesn’t carry the service. Besides he’ll get a punishment. Often they use an extra order without turn as a punishment.

Sometimes women also carry military service. But they are not obligated to do it. Such decisions they take themselves.

After the army servants go back home. Here they can enter university on benefit conditions. Some people continue military service by their wish. Anyway the army changes people and their views on life greatly. Often it makes them more mature. That is why some people think that every man must serve in the army.

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