HTML5 Audio Test Page

HTML5 Audio Test Page

Welcome to the HTML5 audio test page!

RussianLessons.Net audio has being upgraded to HTML5. We will be one of the most early adopters of the new HTML5 standard but we have good reason. Audio! Our site has featured audio for may years, but playing the files was difficult for some because the old version of HTML had no standard method to include audio. HTML5 adds this support directly into the web browser. Users will simply need to download the latest version their favourite web browser to use the audio. Older browsers will no longer be supported, but we think it’s worth it.

We know that audio works on the following web browsers, so ensure that you are using one.

Internet Explorer : Version 9 or newer.
Firefox: Version 6 or newer.
Chrome: Version 11 or Newer
Safari: 5.1 or Newer

No plug-ins are required. (You no longer Quicktime installed)

Our site supports MP3 (.mp3) and OGG Vorbis (.ogg) formats. The above all browsers vary in which formats they support, but they will all support at least one of these formats.

Audio Test 1

This is a simple audio sample with the player control visible. If you can play it then your web browser supports HTML5 audio. There may be a short delay while the sample downloads.

Here is a longer audio example to try.

Audio Test 2

Click the button to play a file. This button is how audio will appear on our website.

PlayВы говорите по-английски? - Do you speak English?

PlayВы говорите по-русски? - Do you speak Russian?

PlayЯ говорю по-английски - I speak English

PlayЯ говорю по-русски - I speak Russian

PlayЯ понимаю - I understand

PlayЯ не понимаю - I don't understand

Common Problems

Here are some common problems

1. Volume too low. Check that other applications are working. Try watching a YouTube video.

2. Centre speaker disconnected or volume too low. Some browsers will play the audio on the centre speaker only (for computers with multi-channel sound). The audio source has only 1 channel. Connect a centre speaker or try using headphones. If you have only two speakers check that your sound driver is setup correctly.

3. Browser support: Try a different web browser to see if the audio works. If you have tried Internet Explorer, then try Firefox as it will use the ogg format instead of mp3.

4. Compatability mode is enabled on Internet Explorer. Turn off compatibility mode. (Internet Explorer users only).

5. Connection speed too slow. Some browsers do not buffer audio well on slow connections, and the audio cuts out. Try a different web browser (such as Chrome).

More about HTML5

HTML5 is still an evolving standard. Our adoption of this standard has occurred at a very early stage in it’s development. So there may be some changes as we go along. We strongly recommend that you keep your web browser up to date.

There is still some debate over which audio format will be the default. IE9 and Safari are supporting MP3, while Firefox, Opera and Chrome are initially supporting the open source Ogg format. However our site will continue to seamlessly support both.

We are also adopting support for other aspects of the HTML5 standard immediately. For example our page will make use of the nav, article and header tags.

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